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Accreditation Requirements

Travel Intermediaries

For Travel Agency / Broker:
  1. Submission of the following information and then the Account Executive will contact or visit them.
    1. Company Name
    2. Complete Address
    3. Business Phone number and Fax
    4. Contact Person
  2. Submission of SEC Registration Document or DTI Certificate
  3. Submission of 2 sets of signed Service Agreement
For Sub Agents:
  1. Submission of 2pcs 2x2 ID picture
  2. Submission of Photocopy of any valid ID
  3. Submission of sub-agent's application form

Download Sub-Agent's Application Form here

For Licensed Agents:
  1. Submission of IC (Insurance Commission) application form. If approved, Agent will be charged P300.00 for license fee.
  2. Submission of 2 pcs. 1x1 picture
  3. Submission of 2 pcs. Documentary Stamps (minimum worth of P5)
  4. Submission of latest ITR (Income Tax Return)
  5. Submission of PTR (Professional Tax Receipt)
  6. Submission of copy of IC (Insurance Commission) Non life Licensure Exam results
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